December 25, 2015



 I took my annual Christmas night drive down our street in my little town outside of Mobile, Alabama. The street was lonely as maybe one car drove past me in the oncoming lanes. The Christmas decorations were lit on the street light poles, and rainy mist covered the highway as I drove.  

The local radio station played Mannheim Steamroller and Vince Guaraldi. A convenience store was open at one end of the street; selling gas, cigarettes, beer, and other essentials one might need on Christmas Day night. A customer service call center was still being manned by a handful of employees; probably answering calls from people in Idaho who received their new iPhone for Christmas.  Other than that, no other businesses were stirring. 

Except, a bar.

One local dive bar was open. And to my surprise, it had a very full parking lot. I realized that Christmas fell on a Friday night, but was still shocked to see the number of people out, instead of at home with family.  But of course, I shouldn't have been surprised. There are people alone on Christmas. Out of town on Christmas. Traveling on Christmas. Working on Christmas. And in Comedy...Out of town, traveling, and working on Christmas. 

So, to those not so happy or merry on this Christmas Day, a little tune to set the mood.

Dean Martin made "the blues" look cool.


For a modern version of the above song, try Comedian Bill Murray's rendition from "A Very Murray Christmas."

But, I do truly hope you had a great Christmas with Family and Friends. 

Here's to you, (raising a symbolic shot) and yours...


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