May 24, 2015


On The Road With Dave Is Open.

Stop by and check out the new look. I think it works.  And it's mobile-friendly for those that live on their cellphones, smartphones and Ipads. I think a blog that has a road-theme should be mobile-responsive in 2015.

Not only is the main blog located there, but you can also view pages describing the history of the site; your standard (or not so standard) "About Me" page and a "Roadside Stop" page that will offer merchandise in the near future. And of course, one of the main links will bring you right back here to the Comedy This Exit page.

And speaking of "Comedy This Exit"--You can start viewing regular entries here starting Memorial Day. Now, that the most of the work is done at "On The Road With Dave"; I'll be scheduling regular entries here again. It may take a few weeks for me to come up with a consistent schedule, other than the latest reviews of my comedy dates; but entries should be more frequent.

Thanks to everyone that finds this page again and lets someone know that the blog is alive and well and needs people to visit. I'll write for myself, but it's nice to have a reader or two out there following along.



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