September 15, 2015


Originally posted September 14th, 2015 at On The Road With Dave 

If you are a comedian, you probably have a YouTube channel. If you are not a comedian, then you've probably watched a comedian's YouTube channel. If you are not a comedian and have not watched a comedian's YouTube channel, then...wait; is that even possible?

I'm going with the assumption that you HAVE watched a comedian's YouTube channel. I will think much more highly of you, that way. But, have you watched MY YouTube channel? That's the real purpose of this whole entry.
 My channel doesn't compare to the mega-normous YouTube stars out there. I haven't produced a channel trailer (A short advertisement about my videos) that appears when you first get to my channel--yet. I don't have 46 Million Views--yet. But, I have videos of my stand-up comedy. I have the insane ego that allows me to post even the "so-so"performances. And, I have some random videos by other YouTubers that I have watched and tagged as Favorites.

And, as my stand-up gigs increase in quantity and quality; I hope that my channel's popularity will also increase. For now, I'd like for you to pay a visit to my channel Comic Dave Robison and subscribe--if you are so inspired to do so. And for the lazy and the uninspired...yes, I did include a sample video here.

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